What is Happiness?
Happiness does not depend on having more things, getting your own way or doing what you think it should. Happiness comes from knowing that while we cant make an unhappy person happy, we are constantly and inevitably affecting other peoples wellbeing. All our encounters with others lift their spirits or lower them. Taking this power seriously is a crucial way of growing into our highest potential. We need to shift our thinking from 'What will make me happy?' to 'How can I most positively affect the world around me?'. Being a source of happiness, support, interest, comfort and wellbeing for others will transform our own lives.

This aspirin mask works well

Aspirin face mask
Aspirin is a form of Beta Hydroxy Acids or BHA’s which is known to help with cleaning pores from inside out and exfoliating the dull, dead layers of skin. When used over time, BHA’s can help clarify skin tone and contribute to keeping our skin blemish-free.
To make the Aspirin mask, first you need to get uncoated, dissolvable tablets. Then take two or three tablets and dissolve in a teaspoon of warm water. You may like to add honey or yogurt to bind the paste together before spreading the mixture on your face, taking care to avoid the eye area. Leave it for about 10 minutes until it dries and gently rub the mask into the face to exfoliate the skin. Rinse off and moisturize.
Coffee undereye dark circle mask
It seems that using a face mask that has coffee beans or caffiene will awaken and open up the blood vessels around the eyes to make the blood flow and take away some of the darkness.
Note: you should not attempt this if your skin is not agreeable to any of the said ingredients.


Ambrosia said...

That's a great idea! I knew about coffee, tea, etc. making good eye masks, but asprin? I never would have known before. Thanks!