What is Happiness?
Happiness does not depend on having more things, getting your own way or doing what you think it should. Happiness comes from knowing that while we cant make an unhappy person happy, we are constantly and inevitably affecting other peoples wellbeing. All our encounters with others lift their spirits or lower them. Taking this power seriously is a crucial way of growing into our highest potential. We need to shift our thinking from 'What will make me happy?' to 'How can I most positively affect the world around me?'. Being a source of happiness, support, interest, comfort and wellbeing for others will transform our own lives.

Bath time fun

When my grand-daughters Apryle and Kathryn were staying over in the holidays they wanted to have a spa bubble bath, so in went the water and a few bubbles, in went the girls and on went the spa. The bubbles starting rising and I thought little Katie was going to disappear under them. She got out very quick and hid in the shower. Apryle was having too much fun, so she stayed in and I got some great shots of her and the bubbles. Maybe Katie will be brave enough to stay in next time.