What is Happiness?
Happiness does not depend on having more things, getting your own way or doing what you think it should. Happiness comes from knowing that while we cant make an unhappy person happy, we are constantly and inevitably affecting other peoples wellbeing. All our encounters with others lift their spirits or lower them. Taking this power seriously is a crucial way of growing into our highest potential. We need to shift our thinking from 'What will make me happy?' to 'How can I most positively affect the world around me?'. Being a source of happiness, support, interest, comfort and wellbeing for others will transform our own lives.

I hope and pray that you all are enjoying the day or night where you live

Its a glorious dull overcast day here, we have had rain overnight which is badly needed here in this part of Australia. Yes its wintertime and the days are cold and short. I love the days where it is still cold, but the sun shines, which brings a warmth and a glow to the day, but theres a warmth and a glow to my heart as well. I know soon that the warmer weather will come, and until then I appreciate the glimpses I get of that fact in the sunny days that come my way.